April 18, 2015  |  9AM - 5PM  |  Poulsbo Public Library  |  SOLD OUT!

Book Basics for Writers: A Day Dedicated to Your Publishing Success

with Alice B. Acheson


"13 Steps to Finding an Agent or Publisher" - First Session: 9:00 - Noon

This is your chance to learn from an expert about the best way to approach an agent or publisher, the required steps before submitting the proposal, and how to make the path easier, whatever method of publication you choose.

Note: Noon - 1:00 PM – Brown-bag lunch and informal discussion with Alice 

"Bound-for-Success Book Proposal” - Second Session: 2:00 – 5:00 PM

This session is your chance to convince an agent or editor to read your manuscript, find out what will stop them, and learn the difference between the query letter and the synopsis, and much more!


Field’s End (FE) - The first session is "13 Steps to Finding an Agent or Publisher."  Does that mean that writers who have not completed the manuscript won't benefit?

Alice B Acheson (ABA) - To the contrary.  Those are precisely the people who might benefit the most, as hearing what to do prior to actually performing the steps, will most likely save them time, money, and energy. It's always better to know at the beginning—what the market there is for the book and how to find that market.  

FE - We've had inquiries saying that many workshops seem to neglect fiction as it is harder to market than 30 DAYS TO THINNER THIGHS.  Will you be explaining the process for both fiction and nonfiction?  Even poetry?

ABA - Yes. I always discuss all genres, and questions are always welcome about a specific book.  For example, due to the cost of producing illustrated books and children's picture books, there are very specific things those authors need to know and do -- and when to do them.

FE -  I have taken a class of yours and found the Author Questionnaire to be very helpful.  Will that be included?

ABA - Yes.  Normally, a writer would not even see the form until the publishing contract is signed.  I will provide it in the first session because it is a nifty way to organize your experience, background, and marketing ideas. Once compiled, it will help create the Pre-Pub Platform, will guide the marketing paragraph for your book proposal, and impress the publisher with your ability to help market your book.

FE -  Your second session, on writing the book proposal, sounds like it will only cover the basic steps. Couldn't writers find that in a reference book?

ABA - Yes, the steps are available, but my 40 years of publishing experience fill in the answers to "why is that step necessary," "how can I get past the gate-keepers," "what will stop an agent from reading my proposal," and "what's the best way for building a list of potential agents (or editors at publishing houses).” 

ABA - Since Field's End added a brown-bag lunch and informal discussion between the two sessions that will be a wonderful opportunity to ask any publishing question that writers previously have felt weren't pertinent, didn't understand when they read it somewhere, or felt was "too stupid."  In my classes, all "stupid" questions are welcome. In 25 years of teaching marketing and publishing questions, I've never encountered a "stupid" question.

Alice B. Acheson draws on decades of working with large and small publishers, negotiating book contracts, selling subsidiary rights, and editing and publicizing books.  She won a Literary Market Place Outside Services Award for Advertising, Promotion, and Publicity and numerous titles she publicized landed on The New York Times bestseller list (four simultaneously).

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Word Soup with Karen Gerstenberger

Free Four-Week Workshop

May 5th to May 26th
Four Tuesday nights from 6 - 8:00 PM
At the Poulsbo Library - register at the library.

Explore ways to discover and free your creative voice, engaging different learning styles and senses - without criticism. Ideal for those who want to write, used to write, or are experiencing creative blocks.

Field's End workshops are designed to foster the art and craft of writing for participants at all levels. Along with workshops that address specific genre and core elements of structure, we offer workshops in professional development.

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