Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for Field's End ~ a committee of the Bainbridge Public Library

"Field's End serves the writers' community and nurtures the written word through lectures, workshops, 
and instruction in the art, craft, and profession of writing.”

Would you like to help? We would love to hear from you if you would!

All of our team members are volunteers (working at various tasks within Field’s End) and promote a 
collaborative model in our planning and promoting events. We are seeking more volunteers to help us plan, implement, and promote our programs. Please read through the list below and see if any match your interest and skill set. All of these take a certain interest if not passion in the topic and a willingness to commit to manageable tasks or responsibilities. 

____Interest in organizing and staffing craft workshops
____Interest in organizing and staffing Speaker Series
____Interest in working on expanding programs for young writers - grades 4th - 12th
____Interest in sharing social media posts, etc. with professional Field's End core team members
____Interest in working with technical support on the Field's End Website
____Interest in working with technical support on the Field's End E-newsletter
____Interest in working with a graphic designer to create event posters and assure limited poster 
____Interest in working with media outlets - local organizational calendars, newspapers, Bainbridge 
Community Broadcasting podcasts
____Interest in being the liaison with Eagle Harbor Bookstore and/or Liberty Bay Books (Poulsbo) to 
assess and engage visiting authors to Bainbridge in teaching a workshop or Speaker Series

By signing on with Field's End you have the opportunity to help shape the future and keep the quality of 
our existing and new programs for writers - at all levels - of the highest quality. 

If you would like to volunteer for Field's End, please email us at  and tell us about yourself.

We'd love to hear from you.