2015 Speaker Series

May 19, 2015  |  7PM - 8:30PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free event!

From Your Head to the Page: Ways to Make it Happen

with George Shannon

Whether it’s an event in your family tree, a plot twist that popped into your head while waiting for the ferry, two notes of a poem that keep playing in your mind, or years of journaling, getting that idea onto paper can seem as far away as the moon. NASA made it to the moon and you can make it onto paper! We’ll explore a variety of exercises and "shake-it up” perspectives that can help you get that idea in print.

Speaker George Shannon’s desire to write took root in the 7th grade. Fourteen years later he signed his first book contract in 1978. Naturally, there were years of learning, side steps and rejections. But it happened. Since then he has had over 40 books published. Conferences, workshops, and author visits have taken him from the Arctic Circle to Jakarta, and Kuwait to Japan. His most recent book, Hands Say Love, received "Honorable Mention - Books About Family” in The Huffingtonpost’s Best Picture Books of 2014.

June 16, 2015  |  7PM - 8:30PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free event!

Resources for Writers - A Librarian's Perspective

with Martha Bayley

In this wired world it may seem that all knowledge is available through a simple internet query. Yet your local library still holds print and electronic resources that can help writers to research, create and market their works. Martha will share her knowledge of little known databases and reference works that are perfect for writers. Martha will also talk about the craft of writing from a reader’s and reviewer’s perspective, including the elements of appeal that  keep someone reading after they have started the first page.

Martha Bayley has a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington, and is co-author with Nancy Pearl of Now Read This, A Guide to Mainstream Fiction (1999). She is the former Collection Manager for Kitsap Regional Library and has taught classes on understanding the appeal of literary fiction and various genres - from science fiction to horror, romance, mysteries and westerns. Martha continues to represent the library system in retirement, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the world of literature.