Field's End and BARN Writers Merge, May, 2016


Field's End will merge with BARN Writers, one of eleven studios at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network. These two groups will come together to dedicate themselves to serving local writers.

Field's End and BARN Writers have collaborated on several programs in the past, and believe the time is right for joining forces. Together, the new leadership team will expand and strengthen offerings to aspiring and established writers in the region. BARN Writers will focus on writing instruction, programming, writers' groups, and resources as well as provide a physical space and community with other artisan groups.

Following in the tradition of Field's End, BARN Writers will continue to make some of its offerings free to the public. The first program established by the new leadership team is the monthly "Fourth Thursday Writers' Roundtable." Each month, BARN Writers will invite authors, industry professionals, and others to share tips, offer assistance, and give inspiration.

As a Field's End spokesperson said, "BARN celebrates the simple magic of making things--a necessary ingredient to human wellbeing. By supporting eleven separate studios, BARN offers numerous distinct creative arenas to explore. Its activities encourage small groups to coalesce around a specific craft. Such settings generate cooperation, mentorship, and community--just the support most writers need."

A poem by Theodore Roethke, "The Far Field," inspired the name for Field's End. It's appropriate we turn once again to Roethke's genius. In urging his students to write good poetry, he said, "You've got to have rhythm. If you want to dance naked in an open barn door with a chalk in your navel, I don't care! You've got to have rhythm."

In this spirit, BARN and Field's End will dance together with rhythm as in "Once More, the Round": "And everything comes to One, /As we dance on, dance on, dance on."


* The name "Field's End" will become "BARN Writers."

* The Field's End website ( will continue as a resource page for writers until we have designed our resource page on the BARN Writer page. We will be updating these resources daily!

* If you are currently a subscriber to Field's End, you will need to take ACTION! 

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* There will be some exciting opportunities to volunteer! If meeting and working beside other writers interests you, visit here.
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