About BARN


Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) is a nonprofit formed to build and operate a community center for craft and invention on Bainbridge Island. Its mission is to support an open, intergenerational community of artisans and makers who are dedicated to learning, teaching, sharing, and inspiring each other with creativity, craftsmanship and community service. We’re currently operating out of a temporary facility in Bainbridge Island’s Rolling Bay neighborhood.

BARN’s new facility is underway! The foundation slab has been poured, and the main foundation wall is up. The building is on track for completion in 2017. It will have well-equipped community workshops for traditional and 21st century crafts, ranging from metalworking, fiber arts and cooking to building robots and using 3-D printers or laser cutters to make complex parts. There will be classes for all skill levels, as well as open studio time where people can learn informally from one another while working on personal and community service projects.

BARN’s future home will be full of natural light and a joy to use, thanks to the design created by Johnpaul Jones, an internationally renowned architect who lives on Bainbridge. BARN bought the 2-acre site, off New Brooklyn Road near the Madison Avenue fire station, in 2013. The property slopes, so the design calls for a two-story building with ground-floor access on each level.

This photo shows construction site of BARN’s new home, with the main foundation wall in place.

Quieter activities —  including the community kitchen, space for writers, and the studios for fiber arts, printmaking and bookmaking — are clustered at the north end, closest to the North Town Woods neighborhood. The southern workshops, closest to the fire station, include jewelry, electronic and technical arts, welding, metal machining, woodworking and glass arts.

At the center of the building, the Commons will give participants a place to interact as they have lunch or take a break. It will include a selection of craft books and a gallery of completed projects.